Get Your Tank Inspected for Trouble-Free Operation

Septic systems are subjected to extensive usage in residential and commercial buildings throughout the year. However, it’s difficult to determine when the septic tank may need service due to an accumulation of sludge and scum. Hence, septic systems should be inspected and maintained for a trouble-free operation. Call 413-562-0397 to get your septic system inspected today!

Benefits of Getting Your System Inspected

  • A septic system inspection will determine whether a problem exists within the septic tank or leaching field
  • Early Inspection can prevent expensive repairs and replacements
  • A quick inspection and maintenance can prevent backup problems and untimely expenses
  • Save time, money, and effort through inspections
  • Title 5 requires the inspection of property at the time of property transfers

If you’re planning to sell a home in the market, it’s important to get the septic system inspected to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the Massachusetts State Environmental Code Title 5.

At Gallis and Son Inc of Westfield, MA, we do septic system inspections for property transfers and sales of properties. We also pride ourselves to be licensed by the State of Massachusetts for Title 5 inspections and approvals.

When your house is put on the market for sale, a proper Title V inspection of your septic system is mandatory and a new septic system can appreciate the value of your property. Count on our professionals to help you fetch the right price for your property.

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